My name is Jenny and I was born in Boston, raised in Shanghai & the Bay Area. I started this site to encourage myself to write and reflect on my experiences. I began journaling consistently in middle school, but fell off when I entered the corporate world. This happened with many of my hobbies: swimming, playing music, volunteering, skating, backpacking, road tripping; I could barely make time for basic self care. I left for good in February 2022 and have been basking in the beauty of life since then. I always loved rereading my decade old notebooks and laughing at all of the ridiculous things I go through. Only recently have I began to enjoy sharing my thoughts with others!

In 2021 I started living a nomadic-ish lifestyle with my wonderful life partner. We both have gone through our fair share of trauma and the pandemic gave us time to pause, reflect, and heal. Now it’s time for us to have fun! My goal here is to share our adventures and maybe encourage you to embrace your inner child too 🙂 Feel free to drop me a line if anything resonates with you (or just to say hi)!